Dievdārziņš (God's Garden) is an ancient place on the banks of the river Iecava. Here visitors are welcome to see the picturesque view of the river and the Iecava Lutheran church, by walking along the wooden footbridge. Interesting, that here also an impressive dolomite outcrops can be seen for more than 200 meters! Foot bridge is connected to other side of the river shore, so that the walk could be extended.
Dievdārziņš is also considered as a memorial place for the officers of Napoleon's army who fell in the battles near Iecava during the war of 1812.
Interesting is fact that the legend about the first church in Iecava has been preserved, but there are also stories about a hollow stone that was once here, known as a sacrificial stone, which was located in Dievdārziņš until the World War I, but then mystically disappeared. Whether it was a cult-type of stone, or a memorial stone for some soldiers who died in the war, or for victims of the plague, nowadays it is hard to find out the right version.
Since 1924, Dievdārziņš has been included in the list of protected monuments of Latvia.

The territory of the Dievdārziņš is for free of charge, but if you want to know more, please contact the guide Andris Kopeika (ph.: 266 397 27).
Take a walk around Iecava using the audio guide: https://izi.travel/en/698e-discover-iecava/en


Free of charge!